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Improving Integrity of Public Administration in the Slovak Republic
Government Office of the Slovak Republic
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Project description

The project will be focused on improving the public integrity system in the public administration of the Slovak Republic. The review shall be elaborated by the OECD, and the Project Promoter shall provide any necessary assistance.

The Project shall primarily focus on horizontal coordination in the public sector targeting management of human resources in the area of integrity.

To improve integrity and accountability of public administration, targeted action and processes of change need to be implemented and coordinated by a state authority that is competent not only to implement the measures, but also coordinate other public institutions.

The Government Office, particularly the Department of Corruption Prevention, will implement the project. The government office will work closely with the other state authorities that fulfil their roles in the fight against corruption, to organize and coordinate the joint activities of these authorities as well as to ensure conceptual, methodological and management activities in the field of corruption prevention.

The main target groups are civil servants in the line ministries. However, the project also focuses on the young people and general public in order to contribute to a societal change that is necessary, especially as far as the public perception of corruption is concerned. About 350 public servants will be lectured on ethical conduct.

The Project shall significantly contribute to the protection of whistle-blowers in the public administration sector, increasing the effectiveness of corruption prevention, setting easy-to-understand, practical standards for civil servants who are exposed to corruption and to the horizontal coordination of the ministries in the field of integrity of public administration, as well as the corruption prevention.

Key activities of the project are as follows:

  1. Integrity Review of the Slovak Republic
  2. Measures to improve integrity of public administration - development and implementations of integrity and anti-corruption strategies and actions plan
  3. Pilot initiative on behavioural insights
  4. Citizen surveys, monitoring and evaluation
  5. Internal Risk Management
  6. Communication and civic education